Looking Forward to Spring Break

The first couple of weeks in school wasn’t so bad, until the homework came. OMG! I am about to go out of my mind. I feel like I am sinking and I am desperately trying to keep afloat. What have I gotten myself into? I am so looking forward to spring break, so I can breathe a little and catch up on some of my other work. I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends since going to school or have any other enjoyment. I am not complaining because this is what I have to do in order to get my A.S. After that I will try for my B.S. and who knows maybe my M.S.


Six Weeks into School

My experience after six weeks of school is a bit overwhelming. School is hard. It’s a lot of work. My first web assignment was an HTML project. Oh boy, was that hard. It took me three days to complete that assignment. I spent all weekend inside and was up late at night coding. It was a nightmare, but I completed the task. I am learning lots of new things in my web class and I think I will thank my professor at the end of the semester for opening up my mind to the web because before this, I wanted nothing to do with social media. The only social media account I had was LinkedIn. Now look at me. I have created a Twitter account, created a Flipboard (something I knew nothing about) and now I am blogging.  Who would have known. 🙂

My Major in School

At the moment I am majoring in BOT (Business Office Technology-Medical) as a full-time MCC student. Once I get this degree, I will have my prerequisites out of the way, so I can pursue the Radiography program, which is what I am really interested in.  I am currently taking five classes. Some people say I am crazy, but I don’t have a choice. What do you think? Am I crazy?

Going Back to School to Get a Degree

After being in the work force for over thirty years, and losing my job, I decided to challenge myself by going back to school and getting my degree. At times, I feel overwhelmed because this is a new experience and I feel like I am way over my head. It’s a lot to take in. I have never been in college before and I had to familiarized myself with the layout of the campus. Wish me luck as I continue on my journey.